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A fantastic sequel to a brilliant first novel! Draws you in and leaves you speechless until the final page.

So, the bad thing about reviewing the second and third books to a series is that you can't give away most things that you really really really want to. *sigh*

I really loved this book. It was a fabulous sequel to Wander Dust and even though it felt a little on the slower side for me, it was still constantly engaging you and pulling you through the book. What I mean by slower, is that there wasn't as much going on in this book. Like, we are with her through her classes where nothing in particular happens (we do react like Sera does through, amazed etc in each of her classes when something pretty cool happens) and then to her conflicting emotions of what is going to happen and what she is doing.

You all know by now that I don't like love triangles. I'm not really sure as to what I felt about this one though. It's not like throughout the whole book that Turner and Sera were actually together to make it a full on love triangle, but then towards the end of the book when you find out the truth about everything and everyone, I'm just not sure. Without even realizing it, I start to choose Turner over Bishop because of what happens when Sera finds out the truth. I can't even begin to explain this, and I'm getting stuck for words just by thinking about it (which is something I don't do with love triangles). When you get to the end-end of the book and the real truth shows, you're still so confused about who you really love, Turner or Bishop. We feel exactly like Sera does, and that's big for me from my loathing of love triangles. We agree with everything Sera does and the logic of everything and her feelings for both that we are caught in a tangle and we don't know what to do or who we want.

I love how in this book that we know what time we are in. We don't get a bit confused because we are now used to this world and are not in awe every time that it happens. We get to see some characters that we know and love, as well as the ones that we don't. Once again, I hate her father for the way that he acts. He gets angry at the things that Sera does, yet he doesn't want to take care of her or give any kind of interest in her. In short, the man frustrates me...

What I really love about these books, is that you can always relate to Sera and you feel like you're a part of her. Everything she feels, we feel. Every choice that she makes, we make the same choice. Even in the slowest parts of this book, we still feel like we are connected to Sera. There are only a small amount of books out there that connect you this deeply with a character, and this series is one of them!

When everything unravels towards the end of the book, we don't know what to expect. We can't seem to guess, or want to guess what is going to happen because we are stuck in the here and now. And then when it all hits, we are left in shock and are numbly turning the pages to figure it all out and to come to terms with it all with Sera all the way until the final page of the book.

If you haven't read this book/series yet, what are you waiting for? seriously.... what are you waiting for?