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Hearken (Daughters of the Sea Series)

Hearken - Kristen Day View the original review on my blog:

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Even as the fourth book in the series, this is just as good as the rest of the series.There's something amazingly special about this series that never fails to capture your attention and make you fall in love! You cannot go wrong with this series, once you start, you are hooked!

Are you kidding me right now? This series is still amazing even at the fourth book! I don't think I've loved a whole series the way that I love the Daughters of the Sea books! It's this one amazing book-y dreamy series that every reader wants to read and not want the series to end. In every book, there is nothing that fails to surprise you and throw you into all these twists and turns that you realize it's not just some girly book about awesome heroines that become goddesses and seriously gorgeous guys thrown into the mix.OK, I love that fact in the book (how can you not! *sigh* FINN!)

When we start, we get reacquainted with all the characters that we know and love. I've said in the past with the first book some things that annoyed me with Stasia's friends, but just like Chosen, everything is so much better in that way (review of Forsaken is below). Even though, Chosen was wrapped up perfectly if this was a trilogy, Hearken was not a far stretch from where Chosen left off and it fit perfectly in the original story that if you didn't know that this series was originally supposed to be a trilogy, you wouldn't know the difference.

All the relationships in this book, as well as the characters are all so enjoyable and they make you want to read on and to not forget this series or want it to end....ever :D

This book brings up new challenges that Stasia has to face. But not just with her, there is a whole bunch of other characters who need to face a few things as well. There are literally no words to describe how awesome Finn is. He and Stasia are the perfect couple and it feels so long ago when the series first started and he was just a boy in her *dreams*. I got a little giddy when Finn called her his fiance to his brother! yes, I admit to this!! I'm really starting to fall in love with Olivia. I absolutely love her in this book and I was anxiously anticipating each of her chapters and her struggles with who she is as well as when she needs to tell Stasia about who she really is. Sometimes it's just like when she thinks about needing to tell about her being a Paladin that something else just quickly happens and she just forgets, instead of thinking about it and the right time.

I can't believe what happened with _insert character not naming here_! (no I'm not going to reveal what happened because you just need to read this book/series for yourself :) yes I am cruel, but it is worth it!). I completely didn't expect it to happen and not the way that it did happen as well. It was such of a shock that I had to stop after the chapter finished and had to think about what had just happened.

The battles that happen in the book are so gripping and even though they are fast paced, you can still imagine it all while you're reading it! There is nothing about this book that is missing or that it's lagging.

I love what Kristen does, that when a character dies, the characters actually grieve!! The amount of books that I've read and the characters don't grieve for someone or something that they've lost brings the book down for me, because you seem to lose a bit of a connection when they don't react the way that you do. And I have to say a big thank you Kristen for this :) (this is a good thing but in a bad situation, if that makes sense. It's a love-hate)

There isn't much else that I can say about this book that I haven't already said about the other books in the series. There isn't enough words to describe how addictive this series and Hearken is.

Oh what I would do for (temporary) trace tattoos! Kristen, hint hint swag ;)