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Audrey's Guide to Black Magic (Audrey's Guides, #2)

Audrey's Guide to Black Magic (Audrey's Guides, #2) - Jody Gehrman View the original review on my blog:

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This is a spectacular sequel to Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft. The sequel does not disappoint as we are once again swept off our feet into Audrey's world, along with her battles through love, life, witch-iness, sisterhood and evil-masterminds-who-may-be-my-father.

What I really love about this book, is how the series doesn't start to get old. What I mean is, book two, is just about as good as book 1. There are shocks and twists as well as understanding and forgiving, yet don‟t forget spells and love.

I wish that there were more of Audrey's Guides in this book, especially recipes, there is one for hot chocolate yet to compare to the chocolate cake from before? I just wished that this book was more guide-y.

I love that there is a kind of role reversal here for Audrey and Meg. It gets the two to form a stronger bond because they see what each other actually feels like out of their comfort zone and in different situations. And, I love how Audrey is so keen and tied up to her man. Any other heroine, when presented with a very fine looking male that is clearly interested in them, would fake not wanting to do anything but in the end they ALL fall. Audrey is different, she is strong minded and has the will and determination to stick by Julian, even though he isn't there and that she can't tell him everything. Yes, she does acknowledge to herself how gorgeous Ramon, and who wouldn't? How many fictional characters do you all drool over haha

I wish Audrey and Meg bonded a little more together, we don't see much of her, and even though we know she is going through a rough time, we feel like we should see more of her to really know what she is feeling and to get Audrey really into the big sis role with her.

Sadie really shocks me in this book, I'm not sure if I still seem to like her as much as I did in the first book. She seems to be battling which side to go onto, good or evil, and we can see it clearly throughout this book. I didn't expect what happened to most of the other witches in the community, and I was shocked, at both what happened, what they become, as well as the actions taken by those in the hospital.

Audrey‟s grandmother is hard to pin. I do like her, at times, and then every other time I don't. It's because she is so un-accepting of Meg (and Julian), that makes me not like her as much. She is still your granddaughter, still your blood, whether infused with witch-iness or not, there is no excuse for excluding her. I really wish Audrey would have confronted her about this as well and stick up for her sister.

I love the way that this book all came together, as well as bring back family and adding a heaping of love to the mix. Baked to perfection and drizzled in oozy-gooey goodness, and best served with a warm heart.