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Centaur Rivalry - Nancy Straight View the original review over at my blog, Behind a Million and One Pages as part of the Touched series Blog Tour!

As if we are starting a new chapter, this book starts off a few moments after the events in Centaur Legacy. For me, it literally felt like we were starting a new chapter than starting a new book! And once again, everything that happened at the end of the previous book was effortlessly put into the start of this book. It is perfect the way that everything is retold to jog our memory as Cami and Drake tell Bianca and Gage about what happened while they were away and it fits perfectly in the book without going overboard into detail of what has previously happened.

This book is a bit more on the romantic side than the previous books. Camille and Drake are finally together together and even with bits of action thrown into the mix, everything feels perfect. It’s a happy ending in the middle of the book that we have waited two whole books for! And even if this is just the holiday/preparation book for the final book, there is nothing that is lacking from this book and without this book, the final book would feel rushed and would need to have a lot more things included, which would make it a monster sized book! We see strong characters unravel and a lot of unlikely occurrences intermingled with the perfectness of Cami and Drake.

These two characters don’t get old. We still love our headstrong and powerful heroine Cami, as well as her smexy boyfriend/fiancé/husband/Centaur Drake. We get to switch to both of these characters, as well as a mix of all the characters in the book as well. We get more from Zandra and wonder how evil a grandmother could actually be by what she has done and what she is prepared to do. We get to know Cameron, as well as the kind of person he is and see how much he has been manipulated by Zandra (well practically all of his POVs tell us how much he trusts Zandra, and all that she has done for him and how no one treats him like the way that she does etc), and you start to feel so sorry for him because we know what she is doing and what she has done when Cameron doesn’t know that.

I am completely convinced that Nancy is a Centauride and is gifted with hooking us in with her writing and making these amazing sequels that rivals the first novel. Just like Centaur Legacy, we are go straight through this book and desperately wait for the next book. We know what is going to happen and are desperate for answers and to see what is going to be thrown at us next.