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Survival, a YA Paranormal Romance (The Guardians of Vesturon Series, Book #1)

Survival  - A.M. Hargrove Originally posted on my blog:

Behind a Million and One Pages


First of all, I love how the book is broken up into 4 'mini' books. Bringing with it a change in perspective, as well as with every few chapters the change in P.O.V. We have a set of characters for each 'book' that it can change P.O.V to, it does include setting changes as well.

While we are in the protagonist, Maddie's point of view, we get left with her either speaking formally as the Guardians do, or in her usual American slang. It's weird to switch formalities so many times. it is random as well, sometimes she feels as if she needs to speak formally, whereas others it seems like she lets go the control out of her tone and language that she can actually be herself and not ahve to speak as mature as she is, especially without her parents we see her desire to prove she is mature. However, it is her actions that defines her as this, not so much as by the formality in her tone. (Yes, there is some, but her use of American slang does not diminish this.)

Another thing I love about this book is how, even though we mainly see and know more than Maddie, we expect everything that happens as well as come to more understanding when she finds out, as we are given more information about certain topics in the book when she finds out about it. Although not much of a big fan of the unexpected seeing as we know most things that happen, but I love the way that we are hanging onto the information we already know and try to guess for it to strike Maddie's life. This also includes the meaning and story behind the occurrence.

When we are in the brothers' perspective, we see that Maddie starts to get annoying with everything that she does to try and help. It brings light to the story as well as the added laugh, and is there as a bit of fluff (if you get what I mean), yet the fluff is not particularly noticable, we would miss this bit of it were taken out. This brings a new side to Maddie's character that we start to discover along with the brothers.

We feel sorry for Rayne and Maddie and their complicated relationship. Awww, forbidden love! it will never cease to exist (well, it does make for a good story). Sometimes, however, we feel that everyone in the book only cares about looks and calling each other "hot" and "drop dead gorgeous", which does annoy me because to me they are terms that don't express or convey any actual feelings and emotions like for in the context it was brought into.

Like I previously explained, the book is majorly predictable (although this is without being shown/told the information/situation). Yet it still doesn't quite annoy us as much as many others do because there are other elements brought into the scene that still make it interesting to read and push through.

At the end of the book, a lot of questions are still left unanswered, making us anxious to read the second novel. The cliffhanger at the end makes me suspect that book 2, could lead onto 'mini' book 5?