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Chosen (Daughters of the Sea #3)

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After devouring the first two novels in this series, I was excited yet nervous to read this. Forsaken and Awaken were both amazing books and I desperately hoped that Chosen was going to be as good. No question about it, this book was just as amazing as Forsaken and Awaken.

There is action in this book the whole way through, and we are constantly being pulled through. All of the problems I had in the previous books have vanished. We don't get told that Fin is "hot", and there is nothing that everyone keeps on hiding for her, well, nothing that doesn't add the suspense (in a good way). We don't get annoyed in any way in this book and we are thrilled and excited the whole time.

We meet a whole lot of new characters, as well as see a change in some old characters. When we think we've seen all the amount of mythical creatures that there could be, there is still a whole heap that we haven't seen... well until this book that is. We meet all the Nereids and the Furies.

I can't really say much about this book that doesn't seem to give away the best parts. We see Stasia grow even more, and see her do some pretty cool stuff. The end is where we see the most action happen as well as how developed and powerful her powers are. We are shocked with the events that happen at the end of this book, so many different emotions are felt at the end of the book that we are overwhelmed.

We feel so proud of Stasia after her big battle. We feel like we're an audience watching her prove herself in the final stages of this book. We cheer her on through everything and we fall in love with Stasia and Finn together (read the book to find out exactly what!).

The epilogue of this book is amazing. If this book was the last in the series, it would be a perfect ending. Yet it still leaves room for what can happen next, as well as we wonder what happened to Selene, as well as if Keto will still be the same as she is at the end of the book.

Overall, can't wait to read the next book, and this book AND series is a must read! One I will definitely buy from Amazon to have on my shelf :)