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When We Wake

When We Wake - Karen Healey

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This is truly an awesome novel. To all you Beatles fans out there, get ready for this book. Even if you're not a fan of them, there is something to love about When We Wake. If you are a fan of the Beatles, this book takes you deeper into it, with all the references to their songs as well as their meaning. If you don't, there isn't anything to worry about, everything still is understandable just without the deeper meaning that comes from the songs that fans would know. The world that we get thrown into is captivating and makes us question, as all dystopians/sci-fi do, about what the future really holds.

My first inital response to this novel was the sudden changes in the future and the past. While reading, we get a new little paragraph with Tegan talking about this future that she is in but from a past-tense, if that makes sense. There are these scattered throughout the book, most of the time, I questioned the relevance of this, because it just pulled away from the story, when we are trying to understand all that is happening, as well as these little bits don't seem important to add.

What this book really needed to boost it up that bit more into a 5, was more detail on the world. Both of them, we are brought straight away into her last day which is still our future, 2027. How do we know that this world is the same as the one we live in today? Where does it differ? This also continues on into the future of 2127, where we first see some of the differences, but not detailed, which is what we need to see to be able to capture this new world in our thoughts. Yes, we hear about the new issues with this new world (and the new-old world Tegan first came from), but the detail on the surroundings of the land could be more in depth.

I love the characters in this book (Bethari is my favourite minor character), and I don't have a problem at all with the same-sex acceptancy of this new Australia/World, but from when we first heard of it being nationally accepted, it was then thrown into our face most of the chance that happened until half-way or so into the book. It was just a bit much, to make it seem like, just because the issue in the novel was accepted, doesn't mean that from then on, every second character had to be attracted to the same sex.

One predictability was Tegan and Abdi's relationship, although, it seemed at the start that she was only fascinated by his resemblance to her past love. Makes me wonder if this is really her main point of love/lust in Abdi. I didn't like the way that Tegan and Dalmar had really only been dating for one day, yet they both claimed they loved each other. You all know my resentment to this kind of thinking, that the actual "asking out" by the boy does not indicate for the girl to automatically "love him" as what seems to be a kind of thanks for the asking out. This is what it feels like at the start when Tegan always talks about Dalmar, especially to Bethari.

I love the idea that Karen has used for the Cryonics and the Tardigrades (explained in detail by Karen in the guest post above), it is something that has such a possibility of coming into our world and into our future that this book makes everything a little more life-like. There were some parts (mainly the end) that you don't expect until they jump right at you. The action at the end of the novel also adds to your shock and surprise at what is really happening behind closed doors.

Wow, that ending was explosive. A great finish to this book, leaving you wondering if there is going to be a second, or if this is a stand-alone. This, however, doesn't stop us from asking all the questions about what happens now to all the other characters and to what ultimately happened to the government's plan. This book mixes what we wish for in the future, and what may actually become the future into a gripping finale and leaves us thinking for hours on end after finished.