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Last Flight Out

Last Flight Out - Carroll Bryant You can also find this review at:

Behind a Million and One Pages

First when reading the blurb, we instantly wonder why their love is so forbidden to society. I know this might be considered a spoiler, but in my opinion, is something that you need to know when deciding to read this novel. The forbidden love between Kavita and Lily is because of the age gap. The iconic and in my eyes, hated relationships between a teacher and one of his students.

I personally would have thought twice about reading this novel if I knew of ths factor. Personally, I hate teacher-student relationships just as much as I hate love triangles. I know it's not the story itself, but this kind of relationship is something I've always shunned. When I first found out that Kavita was to teach a class and Lily came along, I convinced myself to keep reading. I tried to forget about the kind of relationship it was and continued the story. If you're someone that doesn't mind this kind of relationship go right ahead and read. But if you're like me, I would tell you to still give it a shot.

One of the other major parts of this novel is the language. Kavita speaks as a poet with his dialogue while the rest of the story is told in an informing manner. Because of this, throughout the entire novel you are the narrator. That little voice inside our heads that speaks what's written acts like a narrator. This novel and it's language is written in a way that we become the narrator. Also, it brings the film sense into it as well. Written in the way a movie would, combine this motion picture image in our minds with ourselves as the narrator and you just think 'wow'. This carries out through the whole novel, not just from the middle, but from page 1 until the end of the novel, we 'see' the book.

Also, the language in some parts is said as sensations. Switching from Kavita to Lily and the sensations feel when they meet each other. Although we are reading from one point of view, we still get a glimpse of the other character when something happens that both characters feel.

Brilliant ending. Absolutely heart-wrenching that will leave you finishing with a sigh... and maybe even something I didn't even see coming. The ending nearly had me in tears, but alas, none were shed.

There was something about this novel that couldn't quite suck me in. Maybe the kind of relationship despite my efforts to ignorre it and just focus on Kavita and Lily.