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Awaken (Daughters of the Sea, #2)

Awaken - Kristen Day View the original review on my blog as part of the blog tour:

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Initially it is the prologue that hooks you in. Wondering how this relates to the story and who these people are. This sets the story and we continue on straight away to see how this will impact the story and Stasia. Starting the novel, we get pulled into this world again and into her school life. We get introduced to Nadia and the rumours surrounding her. We can tell that she will be a big part of this novel by how much she is mentioned.

Once again, we get told exactly how "hot" Finn is. Is saying that your boyfriend is "hot" and regarding them as such a real sign of affection? Like in Forsaken, secrets are kept from Stasia, although this time it is just from Finn. Stasia knows that there is something that he is hiding, yet he blatantly denies it. Especially after one such moment with Nadia and Priscilla. She does have the right to be angry with him, although she should have pushed him more to the truth.

There is a lot more action in this book that keeps us constantly being pulled through everything that happens. We want to keep on reading, finding we are more captivated in this novel than their first in the series. Her adoptive family showing up was random. Nothing really happened and I wanted Finn to walk or for something to happen. It makes me think that it's like a sudden change of mind. It doesn't do anything for the story except make us want for something to happen to show them that she is not who they think she is. A charity case to make them look better.When I read this bit and finished that it felt like this happened.

"I want to include the adoptive family in this somehow"
*1 minute of typing later....*
"No wait, it's not going anywhere"
*forgetting about the scene*
*forgetting to delete the scene*
...... continuing......

Is it just me or do her friends start to annoy you all as well? There are times that you think, "Why Stasia, don't listen to them! You do what you think is right!" Most of the trouble that happens is because her friends have coaxed her into it and Stasia doesn't have the courage to say that she thinks it's a bad idea. Why? Maybe she is scared that they won't like her anymore? But then what kind of friends would they be then? This happens right through the book and sometimes I thought, "Oh great. Here we go again, wait for the mistake to happen and the 'OOPS, let's not do that again'".

As Stasia's powers grow and develop, we continuously wonder about her reveries and who the man is that was featured in the prologue. We have a feeling but are we right to assume who it is?

As the journey into the Underworld starts, we know how close to the end we are, and we power through, loving every minute and hang on to every word. All little emotions we felt in the novel leading up to this are amplified and thrown together, leaving us on the edge of our seat as we get to see the strong and powerful Stasia that we know and love, sacrificing herself for the ones that she loves and does what she believes is right.

The end proves shocking, making us NEED [b:Chosen|15767912|Chosen (Daughters of the Sea #3)|Kristen Day||21473575]. I even checked to see when it will be released just so I could know when I could get my hands on it. Her actions at the end, as well as those she meets tear at us. Tear jerking, heart wrenching goodness. This book screams READ ME NOW!