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Not quite 4 scrolls, yet above 3.5 scrolls......Hmmmm, another predictable one we've got here.... Although I was entertained and captured in this book the whole way through, it was thoroughly predictable. Jewel is one on the quiet side, we don't really see caracters like her now-a-days, we watch her grow from being quiet to someone who we could see have a lot of potential as being one of the heroines that we see in many novels today. I like this progression of growth in her, that way, we are more in tune with Jewel as a person, than to Jewel the character. The whole, running family from the dark forces and trying to protect Jewel is one of the major predictability points in this novel. And, as ususal, when in novels, the family is keeping something from the protagonist, Jewel goes and tries to find the solution herself. Well, who wouldn't when it's pretty obvious they're keeping something from her and dragging her to all these new places. There are oh so many twists and turns throughout the novel that keep us constantly turning through the pages and the momenum going. Nawwww, how can you not love her little brother, it makes me want to have a little brother! This book had all elements that I love in a story, growth, love and action blurred into one. I love the romance in this novel, despite my hate for love triangles. Yes, it did give me the sh*ts at times, but I loved it all no matter. I think I'm definitely team Roman :D

The ending was left open for our curiosity to wonder what would happen in the future. Yet we are content becuase all of the questions we had throughout the book have been answered at the ending, as well as towards the end of the novel.