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A Skinwalker 's Legacy

A Skinwalker 's Legacy - Shae Wynters JOIN THE BLOG TOUR! Be at Behind A Million And One Pages on 17 May for an exclusive review

First of all, the blurb for this book would've been so so so much better if there wasn't the part on Galen and how Lexia is the Chieftess. We want to find out these things on our own! and it would've made the novel so much better if we had not have known this from the moment we start the novel. I love the female dominance in this book, we don't really see much of it, but we do here and it's very refreshing. However, the almighty cliche of guy loves girl he's not supposed to/cannot love tries to stay away from her and keep in control. Yeah, heard that one before? I have, yet it worked really well in this novel. I love the way that Lexia can stand up for herself and can fend for herself. You constantly see elements that make you believe she is Skinwalker Chieftess material and is not one to mess around with. You go girl!

Great use of imagery, the model on the cover looks exactly how I pictured Lexia, right throughout the whole novel.