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Defy (Firstborn, #1)

Defy (Firstborn, #1) - Raine Thomas Be at Behind A Million And One Pages on 2 May for a exclusive review of Defy! Join the blog tour! Check out the COVER REVEAL!

Straight into the novel we get a glossary. Brilliant idea, especially with so many new terms coming into play in this novel, as well as a great start to become familiar with everything, so we're not stopping to try figure out what it all means.

Without having read the Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy, the way that we get to explore the world within the Estilorian Plane is brilliant. Everything we experience with Tate there keeps our minds reeling for more and our curiosity peaks. Very much action packed, I didn't really expect as much as we were given but it was still brilliantly done. Essentially what brought this down a rating than being a 5 was the start, the start of the novel didn't really get me going as much as the rest of the novel did. It started off a little slow for me, especially starting to get used to all the new terms that they use as well as all the family names etc. As well as the constant shift in character perspectives, was a little overbearing, especially when this is a first read without having read the prequel trilogy. (this is only in the start of the novel though, throughout the rest of the novel it all flowed brilliantly and fit nice together)

The love story within it all was thrilling.*sigh, smile and looking off into the distance* Enough. Said.

I love the character make-up of Tate, she's an excellent female protagonist (which many books seem to lack lately, because I really just want to slap half of them in the face). The way that the family is made up and their actions and values bring us close to home because we feel so familiar with all the bickering yet love shown to the family.