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A great novel by the sisters! Sometimes throughout the novel it felt like it didn't pull me in as much as it did some parts. The constant change in persona as well starts to get a bit too much, because as we start learning about one character, we instantly get changed to a whole new string of characters that are associated with one. So we start getting a little confused. It is still a great novel. The way that Abby's dilemmas are in fact, what we think should be like. Her life is terrible and we reach out to her, as well as try to find out why and exactly how she became like this. We get snippets throughout the novel as to her former relationship to Raf, as well as the Twins. We get very curious throughout the novel as to the secret that we hear about in the blurb as well as try figure out why Abby is so special.

We get so caught up in whether Heaven and Hell want her alive or dead. Half of Hell wants her dead, where the other half doesn't, and the same with Heaven as well. We get a new ring to Satan. We always think of Satan as a he. Yet in this novel Satan is a she, and she happens to be Lucifer's wife. In the very general male dominance of Heaven and Hell that we hear of constantly, this is a fresh breath as it's not just male dominated, we get a new spin on things where females are just as powerful and we actually hear about them in Heaven and Hell. We hear about some that are fearless and notorious warriros, as well as the likes of Satan (or Satinel).

There is a minor love triangle in this novel, between Abby with Raff and Gabe. But it is not THAT bad. It's bearable, for others like me that HATE LOVE TRIANGLES. So it does appeal to all audiences. If you love love-triangles, then you do get your dose. And if you hate love-triangles, then it is played out in a way that makes it a love-triangle, yet so much as it isn't infuriating.