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Until Next Time (The Angel Chronicles, #1)

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The novel started off slow but as you go through the book it starts to pick up. Your attention doesn't start wandering as it started to in the beginning. We are made to quickly get used to their world and know exactly what is going on, instead of havingto slowly ease into it we are thrust into their world.

As the novel continues, we start to get caught up in the characters. You start siding for one of the guys, but then something else happens and you start thinking again who really is worthy of her.



I love the new spin on the classic Guardian Angels. In all Angel stories nowadays, we only hear about the other Angels they are with, no novel mentions God or any other high being like the Archangels Michael, Gabriele etc. It is good to see something newdeveloped from where the general idea of Angels come from, as well as Lignor's own spin on the ethics and characters featured in the novel in heaven.

We question the truth behind Dublin and what the place contains. We can tell that the main action and biggest complication of the novel will happen while in Dublin, but when we find out why they don't want to go back there, we aren't satisfied with theanswer we get. Yes, it explains most of it, but we still feel like we are left in the dark, because there is something else that keeps them away from Dublin and not just what they told the girls.

Liz seems wise, but she is also so very innocent at times. When we go back into Emily, we realize just how innocent, from how confused she becomes on Jason as well as Matt. Some things we realize, stays with her as she transferred into Liz's shell. BothEmily and Liz are innocent minded, and sometimes seem like they are blind to the world.

Everything starts to pull into place. All we were questioning have been answered in the 'big reveal.' Be prepared for a shock. Emotions will be everywhere (not tissue box approved however). Be careful.

The title of the novel has a whole new and deeper meaning at the end of the novel as it comes into play more and we see it bring together the novel nicely. Great choice of title for the novel.