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Burnt Children - R.E. Washington When I first started this book I had to put it down after a few chapters because I had to read another novel for R2R. However...... I could not stop thinking about this book and what had transpired within the few chapters I had read. At work, I wondered what would happen next, and before I started picking up my other book, I thought back to this one. It has that factor where you cannot forget, and you just want to keep on going. For the novel being 430 or so pages this element is brilliant as it keeps you in focus of the story without having to spend too much time reading it because you want to find out what happens, which makes it seem like a 215 page novel and not double.

I loved the story line and the way that we get with each character. It is a world where you cannot trust anyone, and with all the characters we meet on the way, we are always caught up in something to think about each character and how they will be throughout the rest of the novel. We udnerestimate some characters, and find their development as we see it through their point of view. However, the constant changing of view points did start to get a little tiring after a while towards the middle of the novel. But then at the end, the character views start to die down and we get used to the many views. It is when the views are of the many different characters (4 p.o.v's at the start of the novel then gets to 5 at the end of the novel) that the constant changing after each chapter to change to a different one each time, does put a strain on our memory of what is happening. If the changing in p.o.v's was like it was at the end of the novel, then the start wouldn't be as mind-muddling as it was when there was the constant change of the 4 characters. We needed one stable character, and even though we got that feeling straight away with Elara, not going back to her after one chapter of another p.o.v, made it feel like she wasn't and we would have to try and remember what happened beforehand to her. The many p.o.v's as well, help us to understand more the supporting characters (like Elara's mother) and their notions. We learn about them and get a connection with them like we do with Elara. Getting a sense of their struggles in the world and what they hope to and will achieve.

I hope for another novel, because I want to see what happens to the characters. We are left in a state where we could make up our own ending to the story as a post-plot to the events that have happened in this novel. It is basically the new beginning of the world, where we are left off, which gives us room to fantasize.