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Kiss of Twilight (Dark Bonds, #2)

Kiss of Twilight (Dark Bonds, #2) - Loribelle Hunt So not what I kind of thought before first starting this book. I didn't really expect the whole murder mystery kind of genre with this novel. Yeah it was paranormal like I signed up for along with a sexy twist. Don't get me wrong, this was still a good novel but just unexpected.

The connection between the Demon and the person is something we don't see every day. We don't understand the connection as much, until we experience it with Kara. Our knowledge of it with the other characters and their control over it shows us one side of it, but Kara shows us a different and earlier side of it that we haven't heard of until towards the end of the novel.

With Ben, we see how it can become out of control, yet his ending didn't do him any justice. He's supposed to be this rougue that no one can catch, let alone kill, yet how it ended for him and this reputation that has been build didn't do him any justice and I felt like this let us down. We would have expected more of a battle between him and the others, yet it was just plain and simple like any other death of a rogue demon, not someone who has turned their world upside down and created a whole lot of chaos.

The change in POV's was yet wasn't overwhelming. At times there were too many different perspectives depending on what the situation was, yet at other times, it was the right amount of knowledge from multiple persons' perspective. It was lacking in some ways but it had moments when you wanted to continually read the novel and other moments when it didn't really matter if you put the book down for a day. It lacked that factor that pulls you in constantly.

Some things in the novel seemed to happen too easily, and how it seemed to take the easy way out when having a more detailed and somewhat more complicated ending that would have made the book all the more memorable and made the ending a lot better, without letting some things get away with it all, when something more should have happened or something should have happened differently.