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The Ylem (The Ylem Trilogy, #1)

The Ylem (The Ylem Trilogy, #1) - Tatiana Vila This book is hard to rate. I really liked this book, but some of it was a bit if-y. Sometimes in the book, mainly in the middle, the story seemed to drag on a bit and you wonder if it's just there as "fluff" because it doesn't hold your interest too much to keep reading. But you do want to keep reading (if it makes sense).

A lot of questions haven't been answered in this novel. We are left in the dark about a lot of things in their world. Yes, we see it from Kalista's point of view and she doesn't know about their world either, but you would think that she would ask about it or want to know more. It seems that because she doesn't do this, that she does already know everything about their world, which she shouldn't. She also at times acts like she does, which leaves us in the dark as well.

At first, we see her dismisal to guys and love and trust issues as something that, from her situation, is really pointless. She over-reacts to the Steve situation, but it isn't until the end of the book that we realise that there was more that led up to it. With Tristan we ask ourselves WHY at the end of the book. It's very depressing and we are begging for more information as to why.

This is one of those brilliant books where you cannot guess what's coming. Really, I didn't guess anything, nor did I want to. Most of the book after the middle really got me as a shock. We get so caught up with Kalista's dramas that we forget about really guessing the story plot. Yes, I know this may be a little condescending from what I said earlier but it does make sense...once you read the book. And you should read the book! Oh, that cliffhanger. I really hate it at the moment, because I cannot wait for the second novel. It feels like this book is going to be one of those where it could be one big novel but instead it feels ilke it's cut in half and made into more.

I loved the addition to Caleb's perspective. It was refreshing, and because nothing much happened, we knew from either end what was happening on his side, even from Kalista's point of view. In other novels, including his point of view after a few chapters of the protagonists point of view, might of seemed like there was not enough because we couldn't remember what was going on from that side. But, in this book it is perfectly suited to a chapter in the midst of the few chapters gap of Kalista. This is because, from Kalista's point of view, we still hear of Caleb but from a view where he is anonymous and is part of a general group and not just individually. Both his and her views lead up to their shocking discovery at the end of the book that leaves you dying for more.