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Forbidden (The Guardian Chronicles, #1)

Forbidden (The Guardian Chronicles, #1) - Megan Curd Another brilliant book by Megan Curd,I also ant to thank her personally for providing me with this eBook!

We were engaged in the story the whole time, and devoured every page. The only query I have about this book is to know who actually becomes Angel (either Fallen or Guard or Guardian) when they pass from their human life? Levi keeps on saying that he is dead, and we are told when he died and how, but why was he and the others chosen to be -let's put it as- "divine"? Yes, he died, but what happens to those who do die. Do they become part of them as well? Is it just a select few that move onto "divine" status? This was the only thing that was unclear within the novel. Everything else was astounding. The plot has a good twist to it with the whole Fallen Angel and Guardian Angel baseline. Ok, it was a little predictable that the whole conclusion and big battle we knew was going to happen from the start at the end of the novel happened to fall on one particular day that something big-ish happened in their life homecoming.

I would have liked a bit more of a drama in the end and a bit more fighting against the bad guys, but it was only a small part (ok, it probably seemed small because of the feverish turning of pages as we quicken our reading pace at the drama). But anyways, it seemed to be too small as everything was basically leading up to that point. I did have some hopes within the novel Ethan changing etc, but this end with him shocked me when he became human for Angie, we just wonder what is going on between them two and it leaves us on a sort of cliffhanger in that sense to get a better grasp and understanding of their new situation and relationship. As well as the understanding about the other characters as well that would face concequences or challenges that would be faced in the next book. but then some of these hopes led to shocks on what then happened within the novel.

In the end, I ultimately loved the story and sometimes laughed because we knew the human thing to do in the situation,and then it was done by Hannah. The comments that revolve around "because she's human..." makes it all the more funnier (not bursting into laughing funny, but laughing under your breath funny). We quickly know and connect with Levi, and his status, but we also connect with Hannah as well, because we are human so we understand both sides and come to understand the situation, the ultimately drives us through the book. Sometimes we want to shake some sense into Hannah about Justin and her convictions against Levi, by being too quick to judge and put other things in motion to try forget him before really finding out about the situation. Cannot wait for the next installment of the Guardian Series!