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Farsighted (Farsighted, #1)

Farsighted (Farsighted, #1) - Emlyn Chand
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This is a great book, far better than what I anticipated originally. From the start of the novel in the note, we are told about the little passages at the start of each chapter that would be meaningful to what that chapter was about. At the start, we can predict exactly what happens from these passages to what is going to happen in that chapter, but then as we get further into the book, we just read over the passages and don’t think about what is going to happen as much as we would have in the start of the book, because we are pulled along with Alex and his world. Also, throughout the book as we start overlooking the passages, we actually get surprised and shocked at some of the things that happen. Even though we do try and guess what happens, the end result starts surprising us and we then link this back to the passage at the start, and we come to understand it all more. This method of surprise falls nicely with the story, as Alex is confused mainly the whole way through the novel about what his visions are about then it counteracts with us (as the reader) being mindful of what the chapter has in store but really have no idea at what it is about until we are surprised and shocked as we read through. This makes us connect with Alex even more as we can somewhat understand the situation he is in as well as his understanding of it all. The runes at the start of each chapter also act like a title. We come to understand that they are runes through the novel, yet at the start when we see them we just disregard them. It isn’t until we learn about them with Alex that we realise that these are meaningful to the novel and we also can know how many chapters there are through the runes used at the start.

Because Alex is blind, I was expecting great lengths of detail about everything (except sight of course), but this is where the novel lacked. We needed to have more detail of the things around us and not just the basics. We are left out of visual imagery but we need our other senses to be able to pick up on everything else to be able to still create imagery. Smells and touch needed to be a lot more in depth and not just talking about smells when something new enters, we need to know all the time, because if we don’t, then we seem to forget a little that Alex really is blind. We need to be able to see through the cane he uses. I completely forgot about the cane until the end and the middle when he mentions taking it along with him. This is really the only lacking quality in the novel. We just need that extra description and detail, especially when the persona is blind and we are seeing through his “eyes”. We sympathise with Alex and with what he has to deal with in his life, the bullying, visions and secrets take their toll on him and lead him astray, which then ends as more complication but also develops the story a lot more and gives it more depth than with just one challenge. Also, along with Alex, we can’t seem to quite distinguish what is reality and what is a vision, unless Alex actually informs us that it is a vision. This is also another area in the novel where lack of description and detail affects us.

The end of the novel does come as a shock to us at the reality of everything that has been going on in Alex’s visions. We don’t realise the full situation at what Alex’s power can do until the very end, which brings us onto looking forward to the next book in the series, and to how he develops his power. Although I have spoken mostly about the shocking moments within the novel, these moments weren’t too shocking as you read them, but the reality of everything does mentally start clicking together in place. So the shocks aren’t as overwhelming as they might seem. In the end, this book is a good read and although not as long as many other novels nowadays, it still fulfils our every need.