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Beg for Mercy (Cambion, #1)

Beg for Mercy (Cambion, #1) - Shannon Dermott There must be something in the air these days about books who give us slight cliffhangers for a sequel yet the novel could just be left as a stand-alone as well.

I did quite enjoy this book, however, predictability was a problem. I could guess half of what was going to happen from the very start of the book. There is an exception though, for at the end when she puts her father in hell but other than that it was very predictable.

From the first lines in the novel we already know that she is uncomfortable and that there is something wrong with her that can damage people. We are not yet told what it is but there is little suspense as we don't have to wait very long for the answer.

Already we are caught up with the boys and Mercy's dilema. All we hear about at the moment is Mercy and her struggle to fit in the dating circle. She is cautious towards her feelings for boys but sh ealso want to deny these and start dating. What we want to really know is why Mercy's mother will not teach her to control her succubus self when getting "intimate" with the opposite sex. She should have realised that Mercy will not keep by her rules and try to control her succubus self on her own through experimenting her control over boys.

Suspicions within the novel that I had from the start after the party (wrote down after this scene):
I get the feeling that Flynn wants to talk to her because when they kissed at the party he could have felt that she was a succubus as he is an incubus. It is my suspicion as well that his father is the one dating her mother. If this happens, Mercyld want to try and get together with would surely lose control and Flynn wou her ebcause of the way that they counter each other. However, from knowing that Flynn has "hooked up" with most of the girls at school would show that he can control his incubus, making Mercy want him to teach her how to control it, seeing as her mother will not. Which then would probably lead to her starting to feel something for Flynn.


As we go along in the novel we start to see her relationship with Luke develop as well as Flynn backing away. We don't particularly want ot think about Flynn, but we are drawn to his new non-existent nature within the chapters. We see Mercy also thinking back to him and to why he isn't terrorising her anymore, making us wonder what actually transpired between Luke and Flynn that day when they had a fight, supposedly about Mercy. Could it be that they know something of her demonic nture? She is starting to lose control over her emotions towards Luke and wants to go beyond what she should. We also wonder what Flynn wanted to talk to Mercy about and we would think that she would as well on how many times he has asked her that they needed to talk.

As my previous supicions suggested, I was right about the whole Flynn thing. This novel (like I have previously stated) is very predictable yet you want to keep reading to find out exactly what heppens with the others. From each word and meaning at the start of each chapter we can straight away guess, somewhat, at what it is going to be about.

We can tell there really is something wrong with Mercy after she goes through time like a daze and is mentioning the succubus numberous times, we get the feeling that she could be possessed. She continually forgets important questions like how Luke didn't die when they kissed on the sand as well as failing to mention the voice in her head that is getting stronger and could very soon start controlling her.

Throughout the book there is important information lacking that we don't get to see the end of. We don't know what happened with the fight between Luke and Flynn, we don't know why Mercy's mother keept everything a secret from her because of a promise that she made. What promise?

In the end though it was a good book. I despise love triangles but this one was bearable as she didn't constantly mention the boys the whole time and who she should choose.