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Her Dark Destiny (Hunters of the Dark, #1)

Her Dark Destiny (Hunters of the Dark, #1) - Dave Ferraro 2.5 Stars

At the start of the book we like how Ferraro's intense description on the demonic filled world give us insight into the paranormals as well as the characters we are getting to know. We know what the characters look like because of his detailed descriptions, which most books now-a-days are lacking in.

Some of the way through the start of the book we are waiting for some demonic/paranormal slaying but we are mostly getting to know Shanna and about how she was led into the hunting world.

While I was going through this book I thought some kind of (not really in terms of this book's theme) outrageous things. Like Cameron will end up being a Shape-Shifter (didn't happen), Jordan will start having a relationship with the Vamp did kinda happen) and that Natalia was hiding something (she was in a way hiding something with the Shape-Shifter but we don't really get told what happened in Hawaii)

Halfway through the book it started to lose my attention. Not in the fact that I couldn't stand to read it but because it didn't have that "book crack" factor that keeps you interested in the book and makes ou think about it constantly. This wasn't there to be honest and I was cheering when I finally finished because it took so long. I didn't want to devour every page, every word that their reality seeps into me that I become apart of their characters like what good books do. This is what kind of undid the book and where it lost the most starts because it was lacking in that addictive book state, "book crack"

The most that happens in this book towards the end now that we start to get annoyed with is:
Jordan: am I gay? with a vampire?
Shanna: everone reminds me of dead people I love *sigh*
Cameron: Shanna, Shanna, Shanna, and Shanna
Natalia: Tea and Scones *pinky out* (because of her manner and how she talks)
Everyone else: paranormal activity.

We are constantly kept in their thoughts, but then when we get glimpses of reality we become confused at that is really reality and what they are thinking. Where is the line drawn? Is there a line at all?

Also at the end we are kept in every characters head at the same time, which is making me think more than I would normally have to when reading and get confused because I'd have to read it again and then makes me lose the reading rhythm. With this there are no line breaks that allows us to swap into another character's head as there ususally was.