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Alexander Death (The Paranormals, #3)

Alexander Death - J.L. Bryan The final to the Jenny Pox series was brilliant as were the rest. Not for one moment was I enwrapped in the series and what was happening. This is a great series that for the whole three books keeps your attention and does not relent like most series do when they enter into a new book. The story was constant and engaging. The constant character builds that guadually come into each book does not overwhelm us as we get a whole book to know a set of characters then coming into the other books it adds to the characters and we only need to really focus on the new characters because we already know half of them, which doesn't make the many characters over the span of the three books overwhelming. This book shocked me at times as well as making me physically smile at times in the book. The struggles of Jenny and Seth as well as the discovery of Esmerelda and Tommy, to the rage and seduction of Alexander and Ashleigh. Even with Ashleigh's constant change in charcter and persona I didn't get at all confused between who she was and who she wasn't at the time. The discovery's of the past as well as trying to change their future helps us as well as the characters understand and we begin to see how they do and somewhat know how they're going to react (ok, this doesn't count when Jenny was going to torture Seth. I actually thought for a second that she was going to do it and had a sigh of relief when she didn't and turned on everyone there).