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Fated Encounter (Holloway Pack)

Fated Encounter - J.A. Belfield Despite not having read Darkness and Light this novella was intriguing and a good short, quick read. From this I would now most likely read Darkness and Light to get a better understanding of the novel and so that I can fully understand what is happening and the connection between Sean and Jem.

From this novella it doesn't seem to me like Sean is speaking with male intentions (yet you can see he does in some parts) but his feelings shown seems to me somewhat female. This might be because not many kinds of stories about falling in love are from the male perspective so we're not really sure as to what they actually feel and think compared to how they actually act.

Jem doesn't really seem like she's dominant and always follows around and tries to impress people, mainly Peter. We can see this from how she acts about waiting up for him and wearing what he finds flattering on her to what she really wants to wear and do. Poppy is a good friend for her in this perspective because she is the essence of a dominant female (single-parent etc) and will make it easier for Jem to open up more and become less reliant on what others want compared to what she wants. Hopefully in Darkness and Light we can see her change and development (and hopefully gets a divorce with Peter, who I'm guessing had an affair the night he came home drunk)

J.A Belfield is a great descriptor, and I can picture basically every moment that happens. From the start of the novella I was able to picture the shopping centre and Jem straight from the start, which is brilliant because it takes the meaning of being in another world literally as you can picture it, which now-a-days I find that not many novels do so as they are more concerned with the plot and don't give as much detail as we would like to the surroundings and the characters we get to know.