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These Broken Stars

These Broken Stars  - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner View the original review on my blog as part of the Aussie Blog Tour:

Behind a Million and One Pages

By far, my favorite book of 2013! Beautifully crafted, magnificently detailed and leaves you completely starstruck! (hehe like what I did there with starstruck)

So I practically started this book on a Sunday (minus a few chapters the night before) and, let's just say that I stayed in bed all day reading this book. When I came up for air it was 5pm. If that doesn't give you some kind of clue at how good this book is, then read the book (which is a must) and see what kind of addiction captures you.

It is easy to get a first look at this world we are thrown into. It's space, so the general idea is there, and then we get a better look at the Icarus. Even though we know that this is one monster of a spaceship, we only need details of where Tarver and Lilac are. I can't help but fall for Tarver straight away when he sets his sights on the books at the start. And when we meet Lilac, we instantly understand who she is and get with her personality. She's the girl that we all want to be (and not just because of Tarver) and a fabulous kick-ass heroine. She stands up for what she believe's in and does anything and everything to protect the ones that she loves. Even though at the start, we don't realize how much she changes in the book until we look back. At the start, she isn't much of a heroine and more like the damsel in distress (but does show signs of her hero side), and then she flourishes when both Tarver and Lilac crash land at the mysterious planet.

While I was reading, I just though that this was your typical survival story: Boy and Girl crash land, they go searching for help and other survivors while fighting horrible beasts and finding love etc etc. But this completely turns around from that! Not that the starting survival story is boring, it's the complete opposite because this gets us more firmly in touch with Tarver and Lilac, with who they are and who they want to be. Then as soon as we feel like we are one with them, everything turns around. You don't know what to expect next and you find that you've crash landed in a whole other situation that you never thought possible. You cry (alot...... I completely balled my eyes out, making my boyfriend laugh at me while I'm completely torn from the events of this book) from this book, and you experience so many different emotions that you are stunned and shocked at the end that you just can't wait for the next.

This book was a complete surprise to me and it's fantastic in every way. For me there was no faults. It kept you guessing, and the secrets that continually pull you through this book and make you want to find out about them. Throughout the whole book, you feel like screaming because you just want Tarver and Lilac to kiss or do something!! You're screaming for romance, that when it comes you rejoice and angels come down from the
Heaven's singing Hallelujah! (ok, not really but you get the picture).

Throughout the book, you equally connect with both Tarver and Lilac. I love how it's dual POV of them both, and that makes you connect with these two more. You get to see how they change and the imagery is so vivid that it's like you're experiencing this all with them.

This is my favorite book of 2013!If you haven't had a chance to read this book yet, you don't know what you're missing out on and need to read this! And if you're an Aussie like me, you can enter the giveaway below for a chance to win one of three Paperback copies of THESE BROKEN STARS, thanks to Allen & Unwin Australia.