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Seeing Light: The Seraphina Parrish Trilogy, Book 3

Seeing Light - Michelle Warren View the original review on my blog as part of the Blog Tour:

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The must read conclusion to the Seraphina Parrish Trilogy! A perfect wrap up to a remarkable series.

We end Protecting Truth with a mountain of questions. And now, as soon as we get into Seeing Light most of our questions are answered! The biggest question that we have is what is this Prophecy?

In the first chapters we are introduced to some old characters that show a completely new side of them. If we weren't so hungry for answers, then we would have been a bit shocked at a few people's complete change in character.

Just like in the previous two books, we can't guess what is going to happen and it comes straight at us, leaving us shocked and desperately clinging on for more.

Like in Wander Dust, we started to get a bit confused with the time that Sera is in etc. There is a lot more time travel in this book than there was in Protecting Truth, so we do need to try and keep up with all of the jumps in and out of time.

At the end of this book, everything gets tied up perfectly. We really come to understand everything and everyone in Sera's life and their actions (her dad, mum etc). There were literally no questions left unanswered, making this and ending that we love, yet hate because the series is ending.

When you finish this book and you look back in the series, you start to realize just how everything pieces together so seamlessly. I highly recommend that you read the whole trilogy together, one after the other. You realize just how nicely everything fits together and will really enjoy this series.

There really isn't anything lacking in this book, as I've already said, it completely sums up the series and leaves you wanting to re-read it all again from the first book right to the third.