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Jump  - Sean Williams

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A twist between YA Dystopian and Sci-Fi brings a story that shows us what our world could possibly become with all our technology developments today... teleportation.

I'm not sure exactly what I think about this book... I've got a mix of feelings towards it. The ending of this book is what definitely brought Jump up higher for me. It was such a rush and I thought that the start of the book should have been paced and presented more like how the ending was.

It's not a bad book, but it's not the best either. The start of the book as well as parts of the middle are confusing, as we get hardly any world building and explanation as to what everything is that is new. For me, because of this I wasn't as interested as I would have liked to because most of the time, you're trying to figure out what everything is.

Clair is also a complete mix. I don't hate her, but I don't love her either. We can see how she grow throughout the book and most of the time I wonder if it's the same person (most likely to make us wonder if she is a dupe). She becomes strong and a real leader at the end of the book, and by the end of the book, we want to see more of her and see how things go with Justin. I didn't like Zep, even though you could see that he cared for Clair, he wasn't doing the right thing by still being with Libby. And the fact that Clair didn't do more to get him to talk to Libby, she was still most likely going to go out with Zep, even though Libby is her best friend and then would be Zep's ex. That's a no go for me, it's basically betrayal! But I'm glad that what happened at the safe house happened so that I wouldn't throw the book to the ground at her stupidity and how she could do such a thing to her friend (ok I would definitely regretted it straight away because the book could have gotten damaged).

I think that it's hard for us to agree with Clair most of the time when she says that D-mat is something that should stay. She is right in a sense, but then when we think about it, in this world we are the Abstainers who don't use the system so we agree with them more because we hardly know about D-mat and what it is like. (Video below on D-mat).

I love the way that everything played out in the end. When you look back after the book is finished you can see how it all fits together. The way it was all done in the end was ingenious and now I definitely want to read Fall now! All of it is a complete shock and we are flipping through pages and pages to find out exactly what happens. Sometimes it seems like when it all unravels that Clair finds out the truth too easily, like she has known all along but didn't want to say. She is too smart at the end of the book and we wonder why she is like this now than before, it's her personality that changes a bit in the book but then it's also like she becomes a lot smarter as well.