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Hold Tight

Hold Tight - Cherie Colyer View the original review on my blog:

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Absolutely brilliant! Completely engaging and thrilling until the very last page. Perfect follow up to Embrace that makes you fall in love with this witchy world

There is not much about this book that isn't entertaining. From start to finish you re-acquaint yourself with Madison and everything witchy. Starting from where Embrace left off, it's been a while since I have read the first in the series. Needless to say, I wasn't confused one bit as we get caught up with everything that has happened to lead us into Hold Tight.

Not that this really matters much, but I knew this series as the old Embrace cover. Now seeing these new covers I am in love! I especially love the Hold Tight cover with the magic spark there.

Back to the book, all the characters are entertaining and we instantly connect/re-connect with them all. With Madison, we follow her through the journey of trying to further her relationship with Issac, as well as trying to maintain her powers and control them. With Issac, we feel just as protective as he does to Madison as well as love his compassionate and sweet side.

We quickly get suspicious of Caden when we first meet him, just as Madison does, and when we find out exactly who he is we are completely shocked! I really didn't expect that! It also brings forth a new element to what we thought was only Witches. Turns out now Demons and Fey get thrown into the mix as well, and it is brought in in a way that isn't too overwhelming as most of what happens is unexpected and we don't realize it until it's happening and we try to get a grip on this new reality.

I wasn't really too sure about Brea, the fae that Madison summoned from a book that Issac banned her from. I wasn't really that committed to her character as the others, it was kinda hazed for me when she stepped into the scene. But she does stand out a bit in the end as she ends up helping Madison and we understand her true side as well as her intentions.

This was the same with Reed, I didn't think that he was that big of a character until we realise who he truly is. At first, we just think that he's a character who is actually who he says he is, but of course we're wrong again haha! Another character surprise that takes a turn for the worst for Madison and also for her friends as well.

I love the action in this book, it's a good pace change from her learning and doing just girly things with Kaylee as well as let us get more of a handle on things. It was brought in at the perfect time, any longer and it would have felt like the book was dragging on and on until something completely hooked us. As we follow the action until all the way until the end of the book, I couldn't guess what was going to happen. Thinking that the gang will go with the plan until it turns back on them, I didn't even think of their true plan until it was unleashed.

Madison and Issac's relationship continues to grow, her family is trying the best they can to cope, and Chase is as cute as ever! The choices that Madison has to make in this book push her to the edge, and we really can see her developing to all the changes in her life as well as the challenges that she now has to face as she embraces her witchy side.

Kind of vague, yes, but there are too many things that I really want to give away!