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Centaur Legacy (Touched Series Book 2)

Centaur Legacy - Nancy Straight View the original review over at my blog, Behind a Million and One Pages as part of the Touched series Blog Tour!

I had read Blood Debt, the first book in this series just after it came out. From reading the first book so long ago and starting this one now, you get a bit confused. You try to remember what happened and where everything was left off, especially seeing as the first chapter is from Beau’s POV. I love how straight away, even though the first chapter is a bit confusing because you’re still trying to figure out where everything is up to, that from the moment you start the second chapter everything that has happened just falls back into place. But in the second chapter the way that the events that happened in the first book are so easily manoeuvred into the second chapter and making it fit so seamlessly into the story and into Camille’s thoughts that if this reminiscing wasn’t there, the start of this book wouldn’t be as good as it was.
We start off with Beau calling Daniel, and Daniel is well..... Daniel! We can tell straight away that most of this book will focus on Beau with what he is going through, with reaching the eligible age to be chosen. I’m still not too sure on Daniel’s character; he is too overboard with his worry for Cami that it makes me turn off him. I love him as a character, but his worry for her is too much. We can tell straight away with Beau, that this book will be a tough one for him. When it all starts to unravel we can tell straight away what is going to happen and I started cheering for Beau when my prediction came true (Yes, I am a Centauride who can see the future! haha)
We then get to Camille and Drake on a plane to Ireland to find the Pasture. Straight away our insta-love with Drake is back on and we are head over heels for him again. We get caught up in everything that is happening and everything that has happened and get instantly hooked into the story. They are together (finally!!!), but they are not completely together ( ;) wink wink ). It is probably just me, but it feels like most of the trip is Cami trying to have Drake sexually and then Drake wanting Cami sexually, but then remembering otherwise that it shouldn’t happen until they are married. It’s a constant between Drake saying after they get married and Cami trying to find excuses to do it now. This wasn’t annoying for me, but it might be for some, as there are bits and pieces of this book that are like that and it might seem like half of the book is about them wanting to and trying to.
Even though this book is constantly switching between characters, nothing is forgotten as we are reminded of the other characters within each chapter or two. I can’t really say more on the story because of spoilers but let’s just say, that once you start this book, you will be completely hooked! I (unknowingly) was a few pages away from the end of the book, and stopped reading because I was curious as to how much of the book I had left and I was surprised at how fast this book went that you literally don’t even realize it.

The only thing that I wish was added, was something about Phineas after what happened and Cami returning back to the south. It felt like it was just all left out in the cold after what happened, and it felt like there should have been something happen after Cami was gone.