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Chosen Ones

Chosen Ones (The Lost Souls #1) - Tiffany Truitt

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Behind a Million and One Pages

I find myself sitting here looking at the screen, looking back at my Sony Reader, and thinking what to write for this review. There is so much to this book that makes it great, but then the only thing wrong with it, has always been a good thing. And this is a good thing, but it does something to this book that pulls it down from what it could be and what it should be. Let me try to explain.

First off, here is something you should know:

Natural --> a human who is born
Chosen One --> a human who is made

Warning. There might be spoilers here on out... so just in case:

Our protagonist, Tess, is a Natural. In her present (our future) life is:
1. War is happening
2. Females are considered a weakness
3. Females are unable to give birth to a child without the child and mother dying during birth
4. Everyone is known by a number
5. The eldest female child is to work at Tempelton, the Chosen Ones training centre.

With Tess, she has completely guarded herself. She has shown little, to no emotion to anyone in her life, in fear of what could happen. To love. When I spoke before, about there being something in this book that is always considered good, yet in this book, it was a bit of a downfall for it. I always talk about in review, how important I think it is that we become like the main character by the way that we think. As we get used to this world, we become just like Tess. Fearful for what could happen if the wrong choice is made, yet hidden behind an expressionless mask (something she inherited from her father). We move almost lifelessly through this book. Even though it is entertaining, and although we are pulled through lifelessly we still get sucked in to continue reading, and want to continue reading. We get so much of the hidden and controlled Tess in the start of this book that, when she starts to loosen up, we don't seem to be loosening up as much as she does. We want to be having a bigger reaction to most of the things that are going on in this book, like we did at the very beginning. But as everything continues, we fall into the reality of things in this world. We start to somewhat crumble, towards the end of the book, where we see some action and learn the truth about Tess.

I love the writing style of this book. This is what makes us connect with Tess so quickly, considering the circumstances of this world. This also contributes to how much of a zombie we feel we have become when we read this book. We get so taken by what happens that we just continue to go through the novel, and we wonder where the pages have gone, and from what happens in most of the book, we realize that we have never once been bored. The pace was the same throughout the book, even when switching to her father's letters, and going back in her past as well.

I love how we get to read her father's letters to her. It connects us so much more with Tess, that we feel for his loss and want to find out more about him. With the rest of her family, we see how sad she is over Emma and her choices as well as Louisa, as well as her anger towards Robert. We hear of Tess' mother quite a bit here and there in the book, but like Tess, we don't feel a connection to her and dismiss her as what she is. It is heartbreaking what Tess does to Louisa at the end of this book, but then, you know that you would do the same thing.

Then there is James, someone who we think we know, but then completely surprises us. As a Chosen One, he doesn't act like one at all. But then, we realize at points in this book that he really is and we get hesitant....even though we completely fall of him! Oh, a man who loves books :D I had kinda hoped that there would be more to James' scar story than there was, but I was satisfied in a way as well (considering what was happening at the time the scar story was told :O )

The biggest shock of all comes at the end of this book. At first we don't seem to process it at all (just like Tess), but then it settles in and we see what needs to be done, and what has been done all along. Although, this raises a whole heap of more questions, we are content with the ending, yet craving for the second book, Naturals.

There is so much more I can talk about with this book. Yet, it is something that needs to be read to fully understand it. I can't put it into words..... Looks like you're going to have to read Chosen Ones, if you haven't already ;)