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Ruby - Amanda Burke View the original review on my blog:

Behind a Million and One Pages

When you look back at this novel, you realize that so much has happened in such a small space of time. It also ahs happened rather quickly as well. Despite knowing how fast the pacing of this novel is, we want more and want to continue the thrill ride.

This is my first novel that has been based around the Salem Witch Hunt. This era is used as a base to get the story rolling. The way this was used was brilliant, completely captivating and pulling you in. This all happens during the prologue of the novel. We guess what will happen when we find out the full extent of what has happened.

As we first meet Ruby, we actually ‘see’ her. What I mean by this, is that we get the details of her face and body so we can start to picture Ruby in our head, and so that that image continually stays with us throughout the whole book.

Getting into it all straight away, we get filled in with what Ruby has been through already and to where she is heading. We learn and understand her motives as soon as we get to know her and ‘meet’ her. Although throughout the whole novel we learn about her, but at those times we are learning with her.

Once we know Ruby’s initial goals, it doesn’t have time to settle in as the action instantly sparks up. It is from here that the pace intensifies and is set in third person, our connection with Ruby is still there and we sympathise with all the loses she has had to face in her life.

We connect with Ruby, yet she is really the only character that we do connect with, or get to know in-depth. We hear of the training that Ruby gets, yet we don’t see any of it or experience it with Ruby. This is something I really hoped to see, so we could see Ruby really develop as a Witch. Although her rises and falls in becoming a Witch are clouded by the bigger mystery lurking in this book.

Straight away, Ruby’s relationship with Blaine is utterly predictable at the first moment we meet him. Their relationship develops at the same speed as the plot is set at…very fast. It seems unnaturally so as their relationship development, and especially at how we don’t see much happening between them both.

*rant start*
They need more time to get to know each other and the ‘I love you’ to me is worthless. I’m one of those people who hate ‘I love you’ being used way too prematurely in the relationship. 3 weeks does not equal love. I believe that those who say it too early are like they need to thank each other for saying yes to dating them, so ‘I love you’ is a means of thank you. I. DON’T. THINK. SO.
*rant end*

Even though it is a short novel, it doesn’t lack anything too major (besides previously mentioned) and constantly pulls us along, leaving a cliff hanger. Oh the horror! need book 2 now! The ending was unexpected and eagerly waiting for more, to pick up the story where we left off and getting to answer all those questions that cloud our thoughts.