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Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft (Volume 1)

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Behind a Million and One Pages

With so many unique things happening, it is hard to review this. Most parts of this novel make it unique and I am out of words to describe it all. Ok, here goes nothing.

I absolutely love the way that the book is made personal easily, by the way that Audrey is made to write like in her journal , or also know as her guide. We get all of her recipes written, making us feel as though we are the journal/guide as well as her constant shadow. This method easily gets us to connect with Audrey on levels that most novels don't seem to achieve. As Audrey's journal, we see every side of her and know exactly what she would think and say in many situations. It is so easy to relate to her, she is the kind of person that is every bit teenage girl. Funny, smart, obsessive, and at times a little bit of delusion added to the mix. She does what she feels is right and what is right for her family and the ones that she loves.

We get led into the story unknown to Audrey's Witchiness, and start to experience all the unusual things that start to happen, including the dreams and the ever-so-scary creme brule.

There is always a sister like Meg lurking in the shadows of nearly every novel and in our lives (my sister included). If you don't have said annoying, want-it-all sister, you will get your dose from this book. You feel like Meg is your sister and sometimes you just want to slap her (lightly of course....ok fine, just a bit harder so she feels it). I really could rant on her all day, especially how she acts like she is older, superior, a rock star, and should always get her way. She has the perfect band, the perfect social life, and gets annoyed that Julian falls for Audrey and not her, so she blames it on Audrey, yet knows of her sister's boy history. She could at least be happy for her sister, instead of make out that she gets nothing, is deprived...Whatever. Ok, enough ranting about Meg.

I wish we would have seen more in on Audrey's training, we only get a few training sessions and she seems to pick it up too quickly. It goes along with the fast plot and still keeps us hooked, yet at times like these we question if it is too fast.

Love Julian, he is the sweetest guy and is always there for Audrey. They suit each other so well and we wonder why he is so special and doesn't get affected by Audrey's protective spell-ball. This makes us want the next book to find the answers to the questions that prod and poke at us, especially the looming questions of what will happen after the novel is finished. How far will she go to reach her mother? Who will she run into? And what will she do with the information that has shocked her?

We predict some parts of the ending. Who the necromancer really is was one of my first predictions when we first hear about him and the story that involves her mother.

A great story of Witches, can't forget Sadie and her animals. Wished there was more 'guide' to the book. I loved the spells and the recipes, wanting to be able to make that Chocolate Cake! (recipe is above) We get the recipe at the start and wish there were more throughout the book.