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The Forsaken (Forsaken - Trilogy)

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We get straight into the story, beginning to learn about Alena's life as well as this new world that we are brought into. It may seem like it now, but there are some things brought up here that come back to haunt us at the end of the novel. This leaves us shocked and desperately wanting the next book, The Uprising, to continue on with Alena's journey.

As all first novels in a dystopian series go, this brings forth the new world and creates our setting. Although many dystopian series are the same in the way that rebellion becomes the main focus in the following novels, we can see this from the end of The Forsaken, and ultimately the title of book 2, The Uprising. Oozes rebellion yes? It is this, the first in the series that is always unique and we connect more with the characters and their surroundings, and their world so that when we step into the second book we already know the characters we are faced with and get straight into all the action of rebellion.

The only real predictable thing in this novel is the relationship that develops between Alena and Liam. When she first sees him in the museum on the screen of the wheel, we instantly feel the connection between them two as well as what is going to happen between them. In the end of the novel, the truth comes out about these two and how they first got that "spark", we think awwww when we read it but are sad at the same time.

All the events that happen after Alena is taken on the Wheel, we understand the shock she must feel through her first actions, and these actions are understandable within the first hour or two, but then the way she acts during her first week as well as during most of her time is questionable. She has been taught of the Wheel all her life, yet from this, she should know that no one is going to come and save her, and that on the Wheel she is FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE and DO NOT TRUST ANYONE.

We don't really focus too much on the characters as much as the plot. The events that occur take our attention and continually pull us through the novel. The plot is the main event of this novel, there is so much plot building so we get to know the world that they live in and the events that occur, that there is little left to the characters. Between Alena and Liam and how her parents got taken at the start, is really the most character building we get to see in this novel. However, we can tell that during the end of the novel, we can see that the start of The Uprising will have more character building as we are introduced to new (and lost) characters.

Deeper into the novel, we continually get shocked with what we find out. The information gained about the UNA, as well as what they are doing, and what they plan, pulls us through the end of the novel even more. All of our questions that were raised throughout the book have been answered at this point sometime, yet more questions are raised as we finish the novel to carry us into book 2. It leaves us with questions as we finish this novel and wait in agony for the next in the series.

Things really are not all that they seem. All that we believe about this world and this land turn hazy as the truth unfolds and reality sets in. From here, there are emotions running wildly about until the very end.