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Xor: The Shape of Darkness

Xor: The Shape of Darkness - Moshe Sipper This review is originally posted on my blog:

Behind a Million and One Pages

As we start the story, the blurb is used as like a mini prologue, skipping over those parts and getting straight into the story, into the world of Xor. Although it's not a straight skip, the information provided in the blurb is a little repeated, without going into too much detail, getting straight into the story.

A good pacing is used throughout the whole story, from start to finish we are on one wavelength and are also constantly being pulled through. It is not a desperate pull through the novel, but imagine it like you are following a friend around. It is calm and we are relaxed, not forced to push ourselves but to take our time, to soak up this world, what's happening and think about everything.

I find it annoying sometimes when everyone keeps saying "he is such a smart boy" about Lewis, and are in awe of him. This is one factor that makes you immediately recognise that it is a middle grade novel, among other things that give this away as well. The other characters that help and follow Lewis all marvel at the fact that he is such a smart boy, yet Lewis doesn't know a lot of things, such as what clones are or what a black hole is. Everyone says he is such a smart boy after he says an obvious fact that has either already been said or is common knowledge.

I didn't expect that ending. It made me go "WOW!". Also bringing forth a hidden meaning to all middle-grades and other that read this. You don't expect for there to be a hidden meaning, but when it is stated at the end, everything click into place.