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The Goddess Test (Harlequin Teen)

The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter I like how strong Kate is to what I thought she would've been from reading the blurb. I thought that from the blurb that was was going to be a weak girl who would give into anything, but she's stronger than she looks and does almost anything to help someone that she cares about, even knows. When she begs Henry for her to save someone she thought was her friend but betrayed her. Loyal.

I like how Carter portrays Hades in a different light from what we already have heard of him and have seen of him from how he is mostly portrayed. He is just another boy who was hurt and manipulated by someone he thought that he loves and maybe evens still does. Although it may seem harsh that his house is kept by those who are dead, it is also a burden as it constantly reminds him of who he is and what he needs to do with Kate. It does also seem harsh that Kate's life was based around her future as well as the people around in her life as well. You would think that from this eventually she would becomes someone who would have trust issues but she does come to terms with her life and why they have done this.