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On a Dark Wing (Harlequin Teen)

On a Dark Wing - Jordan Dane Review for BLOG TOUR on
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Stop by on the 20th December (includes review and interview with Jordan Dane herself!)

3.5 stars. It seems hard to review this book. It was good, but it’s just hard to explain. I will try though.

Wow. Talk about a prologue. it is the way that we weren't given too much information, yet given enough for satisfaction that carried us quickly through the prologue. There wasn't much that this prologue as missing and as a brilliant lead up to the rest if the novel. we really need to know about what abbey looks like, we associate her trouble and her looks and need them to fully understand her situation and early dilemmas

Even though this novel’s blurb does tell us basically about the book, it’s not that overwhelmingly so. Yes, we are already told that Death is following her, and we should be the ones to figure it out as soon as Abbey does and not through the Blurb.

Abbey. Well, she seems (up to 150pages into the book) like she is very delusional. She is has an obsessive nature over Nate, yet she doesn’t know him and has never spoken to him before. She thinks that she knows exactly what he is going to do, what he is going to say and what his attitude is. She doesn’t know. When she claims that it was just a crush on him, our perceptions from the novel don’t let us make it seem so. With her fantasies and what seems like mind games, I might question if she is sane.

Nate. As he is on his trip, we get the feeling that he knows too much. He completely diagnoses himself as well as his friend. We get the feeling that this is not a teenage boy here, but a doctor. Is this the impressions we must have on him?

The story moved pretty fast throughout the novel, and during the novel, I was wondering what would happen at the end when we could basically guess at what would happen (yet the predictability didn’t turn us off the book, it just kept us going to see where it all would lead).

I didn’t see it at first, but Jordan Dane is right (see interview) about the Cover, it does have an impact on the end of the novel and I’m glad, because it gets people more intrigued as to what the cover art is about and how it relates to the story.

Despite all this, the story kept me intrigued the whole time and I just wanted to keep on reading. Even from the blurb telling us all and the predictability, the book help our interest and keeps you going through it. (Not feverishly, but you do get a pull through the novel). It is a great story, yet as I said earlier, it is hard to review.

I am really glad that Abbey ends up with Tanner. He deserves a happy ending and she needs to forget her obsessive nature over Nate. This should help them both. I don’t know what I’d do if Abby ended up being with Josh. What I want to know is that why Josh never spoke to her about Death, or why she never brought it up when she went to visit him in hospital at the end. It would have made a connection to them and that the next time they see each other it won’t be strange or abnormal, because they both went through the same experience, whereas, now it would be strange for them because he is reminded every day of what happened and the answers that he never got from her and from everything that happened