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Temptation (Harlequin Teen)

Temptation (Harlequin Teen) - Karen Ann Hopkins This is not the full review. To view my experience in (a somewhat) forbidden love head over to my blog:

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I find the Amish culture (well any culture at that) fasinating, we don't see hardly any Amish books to learn about their culture and way of life. A few review I've seen talk about how they don't like the novel mostly because of how anti-feminist the Amish are, with their old beliefs and refusal of the modern world and (most) forms of technology. The way that Rose deals with the new culture shock as she and her family move out "in the country" would be the same for us all. We feel like we can relate to Rose the most as she is a typical female. We get introduced to everything and see everything from both Rose and Noah's eyes.

To be honest, when Karen sent me the copy of her novel, I didn't expect the size of it. I wondered (between all the excitement of the new book in my hands) how this novel could go so long without it getting a bit boring, as well as from the blurb as well. DO. NOT. FALL. FOR. THIS. Once you start the book, the pages fly, there is not one boring part in this novel. It captivates you and pulls you into this new culture and fight for love. One word... Beautiful.

Once you finish Temptation, there is that longing for Belonging (Book 2) that I can't describe. There is no cliffhanger. But there is more to the story that we want to see and want to know. From the excerpt of Belonging at the back of Temptation, we already start to understand more into the characters that we love. We know we will get a whole lot of new perspectives thrown at us, as well as more challenges that we ultimately see coming. The excerpt of Belonging is ultimately the cliffhanger that makes us want the next book. We already feel heartbroken at what is to come as well as who elses P.O.V will be shown.

In Temptation, we only see Noah and Rose's perspectives. It connects us with both characters on a new level, then only seeing one side of the relationship. We see a side of both these characters that we normally wouldn't see, especially in this situation, we already get a feel of the Amish way of life when we are in Noah's perspective. This makes us straight away get on the side of Rose and Noah, making us want to fight for them to be together and we can see into both of their minds. As we get to know our main characters in Temptation, Belonging shows us into the minds of all our other characters. This whole connection will make us already know Rose and Noah, but then as well get a feel of who the other minor characters are and their thoughts. We won't feel overwhelmed with the onslaught of characters and changes in P.O.V's, because we already know these characters and our main characters very well.

We don't usually find this Amish factor in love stories, a new craze has started with forbidden love with Amish in novels. I have seen a few floating around since this novel came out. The inclusion of this factor makes us delve deeper into the love story and fight for their love.