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The Ruins of Noe

The Ruins of Noe - Danika Dinsmore Be at Behind A Million And One Pages on 23 April for a exclusive review of Ruins of Noe as well as Brigitta of the White Forest! Join the blog tour!

Such an adventurous little soul Brigitta has. Destined to be an Elder faerie, yet longing for adventure. In the first novel we see that Brigitta is jealous of her friends for having their destiny marking when she doesn't, as well as our spending time with her trying to figure out what she is good at that will spend the rest of her life doing. We hear remarks about her wings often in the first novel about how hers compare to those that are marked, as she longs for her wings to be marked. Yet now, that they are, she is still unsure about it all. It's quite annoying at times. Yes, it is something that you're going to be doing for the rest of your life, but don't complain about your own wings when you don't even know what your own destiny is that you want to fulfil! Ok enough ranting, next!!

We are broguht back from the first novel with the background knowledge of the Great World Cry (in which we hear about the city of Noe and a little on it's background. Brigitta, once again, is the heroine of the novel, in which she personally needs to deal with many challenges as well as adventures in order to save the White Forest once again. And, also again, she get a companion that makes her journey worse and more chaotic then if she would have traveled alone. In the first novel, she had to save Himalette numerous times. Now, in this novel, it is Ondelle that Brigitta needs to save. As a typical heroine, Brigitta saves the day! Although this novel is based for Middle-Graders, the second in the series seems to be matured more than in the first novel, in regards to the meaning behind the story as well as the lessons learnt. We start to move to the YA genre, which can lead to both Brigitta and the reader to a more mature level, like a transitioning novel.