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The Forgiven Duke: A Forgotten Castles Novel

The Forgiven Duke - Jamie Carie Originally posted at:

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Straight away we continue on from where, The Guardian Duke left off. As we start to read, in the first few chapters we get brought back to speed with a little information to refresh our memory about the ending of the first book and where we left off. It's not too much information, just enough to get us back on track. Saying that, we hardly even realise it, so even if you are a reader that came straight from reading, The Guardian Duke you don't get overwhelmed with information you already know.

Throughout the book the pacing is good at times, then sometimes the pace drops and picks back up again. This happens throughout the book, we get full on action and mystery and puzzles, then the next minute everything dies down quickly and in comparison to what we just experienced, nothing much happens. We mostly get this happening as we change perspectives from Alex to Gabriel. On one side it's action and mysteries, and on the other side it's calm and relaxing. Action returns to both sides however, as the two get closer to each other. There is continuous on-the-go action.

We get more action from this book than the first, especially as the books "connect," this is the part where the plot thickens. When you look at the Forgiven Duke as a whole, you come to realise that the majority of the book is filled with action, then the end is all romance. Sigh worthy, swoon worthy romance.

When Alex is with John (Lemon), she forgives him too easily and fails to see exactly who he is. Selfish and greedy, not to mention these $$ in his eyes, his "love" for her is fake and her leading him on and easily forgiving him also makes her a little selfish.

Alex and Gabriel's constant battle with their own truths and exposing them to one another annoys me. No one is perfect and their struggles and battles are something that they both need to share and overcome together to be able to make their connection with each other stronger. Alex's affliction on who to choose throguhout the book makes me want to shake some sense into her about John. Yet she does learn her lesson with him. But with Gabriel, he had me at 'emerald green eyes' *sighs*. Alex as a character starts to take its toll on us, she gets annoying and, to be honest, blind to what's in front of her and exactly what she needs to do.