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Wander Dust

Wander Dust - Michelle Warren Originally posted on my blog:

Behind a Million and One Pages

From the start, we learn that Sera has been by herself. Not many friends and a father that doesn't know what he is doing. We come to realise that Sera doesn't speak much or at all about school or friends. The onyl intel we get on her old life if one chapter, which only then involves her dad, yet still not a main part of her life. We understand this feeling as she skips past her old life's school, including those in it. It is as much of a blur to us as it is to Sera, which instantly forms our connection to her and her new life.

Along with Sera we come to realize there are so many questions and mysteries. We also, use our own mental checklist of all things weird and unknown to us. This, for us continues throughout the novel for us, as it does Sera, ultimately bringing us closer with her.

The story lets off a very quick pace. Just as it is all so new to Sera in this new world and getting confused in the time elapsed, everything seems to be moving pretty quickly. We get a little confused about how much time has passed in the present day. I know you might be wondering what I'm talking about if you haven't read this novel yet, but it's hard not to include a spoiler about what that actually means (if you read the book, and you should, then you'll find out). This, however, doesn't stop our interest in the novel, even if there is some action (at the end), the new world is quite as thrilling.

As we read, we see her struggle to adapt to this new world she is thrust into, as well as the people within it. The love that blossoms as well as struggles throughout the book tests Sera, and we ultimately feel her pain and her struggle as she faces all of these challenges head first. The choices that she's faced to make leave us shocked and awed at her courage and strength, especially after all that she's gone through and all that she hopes and wishes for.

Although there is no cliffhanger, unknown answers keeps us on edge, waiting anxiously for the next novel. Even after we finish the book, we are still wondering about it all and keep on finding more questions that haven't been answered. This leaves us utterly hanging, desperate for the second novel. Hmmm, yes, I stand corrected, it is a cliffhanger.