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Auracle - Gina Rosati This review was originally posted on:

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Unique. One word that describes this book. A very unique novel about something we don't see in YA novels, astral projection. A great concept that easily blends into our world that by the end, we question if it is real or not. Not sure if this is a spoiler, but I'm pretty sure it's not because I'm not revealing anything about the major plot, anyway... The fact that everyone basically astrally projects is something that I love the idea of. Remember seeing someone in your dreams? the answer, astral projection. All little things like this pull on the strings of reality and myth. Do we really astrally project when we are dreaming and not realise it?

I love the dash of culture thrown in the novel. Rei being half Japanese is not something we hear much of in other YA noels. Yet Rei's 'oh-so-hotness- makes him well placed above other YA characters.

Anna's personality is very easy to relate to and get along with. All of her little thoughts placed in italics, brings out the side that we know she has lost her body, but not her spirit. We laugh at some of the little remarks that she makes as well as how she reacts to her body. We easily connect with Anna and get the whole 'best friend' vibe. We get to know her more, about all of the little things that really makes Anna, Anna. when she lost her body and Rei talks about her allergies and her life. We also find out her last name and all the other things about her we didn't know.

The back story is just as important as Anna getting her body back. Every time Rei and Anna try something to get Anna 'back in', we are on the edge of our seats in anticipation for something to work. The relationship that blossoms between the two gets complicated throughout the novel, we don't get bombarded with their feelings for each other, but we see the relationship forming.

The ending keeps us guessing as to how she and Rei will go. Will they really be together? What about College? These questions leave us thinking long after the book finishes.