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The Earth Painter

The Earth Painter - Melissa Turner Lee JOIN THE BLOG TOUR! Be at Behind A Million And One Pages on 9 May for an exclusive review and interview with Melissa Turner Lee.

Starting out strong, we learn about Holly's life as it is. We start where she starts in the novel and we constantly grow with her. Her mother's controlling nature falls onto us as well, as we start to realize how controlling she is and we react with Holly. We start relating to her, act as she would act, do as she would do. We get so caught up in this book, turning page after page after page. The story is just so unique, something so new and unexpected, that we can't help but naturally want to know what happens to Holly and with her dilemma with Tom. We start to feel for her, with her troubles at home and how unaccepting of her true beauty. Although, we are set in this day and age, we are captured in this new world of theirs. Theo's world and the Sculptor's world. As Holly, becomes friends with Theo, we see her change from the shy, slightly girl into the confident young woman, who expresses herself as well as is confident in herself. We see this mainly over her mother, Heather, a controlling ex-most-popular-girl-in-the-school/universe-blah-blah-blah.

All new ideas, yet old ideas were brought into a new light. We see some things in this novel, that we wish were here as they were in the story because we think of how life would be so much easier. Overall, we just relate our life straight back to the novel, it captivates us that much that we feel the need to compare it to our world. Ultimately as the novel went on, I want Holly to end up with Theo, you can see it might happen. HOWEVER! I should not expect it to be like many other YA novels, where the love that cannot be, will find a way to be. No, I should've known that from this novel's unique perspective and plot that this was not going to be the same kind of love ending for the characters. No, no, the ending shocked me. It fits oh so well together, yet leaves you wanting so much more details. Yes, we are told everything about it throughout the novel, as well as get another recap when we find out. I completely underestimated this novel and it's comparison to others and their love woes.

We start thinking about the most bizarre things, because of what this book brings our mind to. We start thinking "why" for everything. Why do we need this for, or why is this like this, or why does this have this? A complete and total mind-blowing sensation.

Random Fact Alert: I love the reference to Kindle's in this novel! (even though I don't particularly like Kindles, I still like the reference. YAY FOR SONY EREADERS!)