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Halflings (Halflings Novel, A)

Halflings - Heather Burch Also available on

Behind a Million and One Pages

We are left out quite a bit in this novel, especially in regards to P.O.V. changes and information.

With P.O.V's, it quickly changes between the characters, mostly without the indication from a new chapter or a paragraph break. In a way it makes us more connected with the characters because we come to learn their 'style', but in saying that, it takes us a while to be able to form that relationship because we don't know the characters yet.

We get skipped over some information through the novel. It is information that we know already. However, we are given no indicationa s to the change, when we know there will be an explanation from one of the characters, but then quickly skips to the end. We are not watching a movie, so there is no 'fade-out' of an explanation and skipping to the end when the characters are in conversation.

When we are in Raven's P.O.V, we get a lot more detail into his surroundings, especially in the way that he describes Nikki, what she does, every movement yet from afar. Where every other character explores their feelings, we learn to love Raven's P.O.V for the way that he describes the world around him as well as his conflicting feelings.

Throughout the book we see Nikki change. We start to wonder from this who she actually is as well as what she will become. We see her start to get heartless and brutal, especially towards Mace and Raven. Herr moods completely fluxuate and we wonder why she does this and now realise what she is doing. Maybe she likes having the boys and the family wrapped around her finger?

Yes, we are aware that there is a love triangle, but only in some parts we are basically drowned in it. It's not overbearing, as there are other things happening as well, but there is the fact sometimes that she could possibly like what she does to the boys, goes through in our minds as well.

The ending of the novel is done in a way that there is a natural cliffhanger. We end the novel like we would end another chapter, and most likely will start the next novel as the next chapter. It is a natural cliffhanger as we wonder what the answers to all of our questions are without it being overbearing in the way that we don't need to get our hands on the novel right away.

A good novel, with a lot happening that keeps the pace high and our emotions running. Anxiously waiting to read the rest of the series.