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Pure - Julianna Baggott Also see this review at:

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Funnily enough, this novel is pure imagination. Summing up this novel is exactly that. Along with the new imaginatvie force we are sucked in from the beginning right until the very end of this gripping tale in a compltely new and unheard of world.

At the beginning of the novel we find it hard to get used to the world. It is so strange and unique we need to re-read some sentences to make sure we've read and understood it all properly. Because of this, the start of the novel doesn't quite pull us in as much while we get used to the world.

When you come to realise how many different perspectives are used in this novel, you instantly might thinkn that you'd be confused. Maybe even a little overwhelmed. Yet surprisingly, it doesn't. When switching between Pressia and Partridge, we continue the story exactly where we left off, but from another side of things. We see first, how each world is like. Pressia's world outside the Dome, and Partridge's world on the inside. Then, as we switch, the two get closer and closer to each other until, finally, they meet and we get to understand how Partridge sees this new world and how he reacts to it all, as well as how Pressia reacts to Parridge, a pure, as well as how she deals with everything. This brings us so much closer to the two characters that we feel at loss when things get complicated and we start to learn more about their world and its corruptions.

From us seeing how much Partridge's life has changed makes us realise exactly the lack of reality that is represented to those inside the Dome. When Pressia tells Partridge of something that he doesn't believe, we sigh and shake our heads, knowing better of the false reality presented. Throughout the novel we ask: What are they trying to hide? What are they covering up?

Once Partridge escapes the Dome, his innocence blinds him. He doesn't know what he's in for, as well as the fact that his mother could really be dead. We wonder if he will accept it when the truth is revealed. If it is even true...

There are still so many questions left unanswered while going throguh the book. Nothing is all that it seems and we hope that some parts of the truth are revealed to us later on in the novel.

So totally in love with Bradwell. "sigh" :D Straight away, I could tell something would happen with him. I knew all along that although the blurb gives the impression, but Pressia and Partridge were not going to be together, in love or falling for each other.

Fantastic! Brilliant! Shocking! Heart-Wrenching! Such an explosive ending. Like WOW! That final chapter was... well... it was truly epic! The final chapter putting together everyone's perspective. With much of the truth revealed we stop after that explosive and fast-paced ending and just stop. Think of all that has happened and coming to terms with it all. Did that really just happen? Hearts racing, tears threatening to spill and our bodies relax after sitting on the edge of our seats. Overall, a novel that pulls you in, and makes you question the world around you, that not everything is as it seems.