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Katrina, the Beginning: A Royal Blood Chronicles - book one

Katrina, the Beginning - Elizabeth Loraine JOIN THE BLOG TOUR! Be at Behind A Million And One Pages on 26 June for an exclusive review and Interview with Elizabeth!

I loved the classic feel to this novel, nothing like Twilight or any other modern day Vampire novels. Because this was set in the 1800's, the time period felt right as the kind of creatures that they are. I don't know how to really explain it, but this novel didn't exactly pull me in. I was kind of putting along with it, you know, going with the flow. I loved how strong of a character Katrina is, and yes, I understand that the girls and her are usually by themselves (before this situation) are full gossipy etc etc I found them all very annoying. I wanted to skip some of the parts with all the girls in it. And the way her father is to her friends when she asks for a favour, is the kind of cool-father that everyone wishes and it just makes me want to go "pssshhhtt, whatever *eye roll* because of how he acts. Like it was like that back in the 1800's. Even now, fathers won't be like that, she based this on an unrealistic dream of most girls. A lot of things were going on throughout the novel, and this book did feel like a chronicle of her life, but it was evident that it was. I love how this story is very unique, which is mostly hard to do when having Vampires as the subject matter. It was good because we see the classic Vampires of the 1800's, but we also see a little twist on that to make it unique and something that now-a-days, we don't find. Sometimes, characters seemed to either jump up into the story out of nowhere, or just suddenly dissapear. Yet the story continues with the characters as they were there all along. Katrina is the kind of girl that anyone can get along with, we instantly feel connected to her. Although we notice her formality in her speech then compared to us, we still come ot know and love her as well as try to help her on the way (even though we know she can't really hear us)