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Exiled: Book One of the Never Chronicles

Exiled - J.R. Wagner Be at Behind A Million And One Pages on 12 June for a exclusive review of Exiled then stop back in on 13 June for an exclusive Interview with J.R. Wagner! Join the blog tour!

I am completely and in love with the world that J.R. has built in The Never! The world is built up perfectly and I am completely sucked into this new and exciting world. The character building of James on his journey through The Never as well as everything he discovers on the way, as well as things he doesn't discover just as yet. Just as all the major characters in this novel, like Kalani and Akil, are very important in the story as well as interesting to hear about and read. I love the way that everything is described in this novel, we see everything happening in our heads and feel like we're on the journey with James and his friends. I love how we're given background information about the world. I am completely taken with the idea of Faithfuls and Unfaithfuls, it makes the world bring itself closer to ours, with all the different beliefs. The constant jumping to different places and times is a little confusing at first, but we quickly get handle on it. We are left in agony waiting for the next novel to come out. We have so many questions that we want answered. It just got a little much with all of the flashbacks, I wanted to get a grip more on the present day than the time. Although I love the background information provided, because no one now-a-days really tells of the backstory when in another world.