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Just like the title suggests, this is one Talented book. *quietly chuckles to self*. This novel made the process seem like a natural one to write. This book flowed perfectly and never failed to keep me entertained. The start of the novel picks up quickly as we learn straight away the history of their dystopian world. What I love about the novel, is that the blurb is kind of like a starting chapter kind of thing. We read the blurb frist, then we pick up the book and straight away are continued on from the blurb into the actual novel. A brilliant and unique way to have a blurb that suits everyone and even if you don't read blurbs, or forget what it said before you pick up the book, it isn't much of a loss if you don't read it first off. It's basically an introductory paragraph that brings you into the book, this does both. It brings you into the start of the book, AND, makes you intrigued about the book, wanting to pick it up and reading it. I love how Davis made the characters act their OWN AGE. Many times have I seen countless novels have authors protray their characters as acting a completely different age to what they should be, while taking into account the characters personal experiences, it's just a little too elaborate most of the time. The novel gives you much to consider, we start thinking about things we haven't even considered in their world. I felt for all the characters and established that connection with Talia that we start to feel as she feels and act as she would act. That connection that pulls us from readers and makes us feel like we actually belong in that world and not just as someone viewing it. Fluid writing style and imagery throughout the whole book. Doesn't lack a thing. However, a little more structure on timing would be good.