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Ummm, are we sure they're 13 years old? Logan 12 for some of the book as well? They don't sound like 12/13 year old kids. I didn't get that impression one bit. Why not change the age limit because the vocabulary used as well as most actions and thoughts made by the characters were those of adults. I know once they turn 13 they're deemed an adult in their society, but that doesn't mean that they are exactly like adults. Was just a bit unrealistic, yes the novel is unrealistic but we still need some sort of normalcy to this world for us to fully relate and connect to the characters and their world.

Although Logan did show a little bit of a young kid when he first met Erin while walking her home and the way he was talking and acting towards her. Which was kinda funny. I love how in this novel, we aren't just the ones questioning everything. The kids are the exact same way from their questioning tones and minds. Always wanting to find out something just like us as the reader. We are very curious as to what exactly happens that we don't hear much of a well as their government. Basically the general kind of things we would be questioning. The book is so generally eerie and we can't help but read continuously though the novel. It's dark and brooding and we instantly love it. We start to become paranoid just as Logan is all the time, hearing things. Are we even sane?