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Stealing Breath

Stealing Breath - Joanne Brothwell Be at Behind A Million And One Pages on 14 May for a exclusive review of Stealing Breath! Join the blog tour!

As said previously, the idea of Stealing Breath is unique and completely fresh intake. It's a romance between Evan and Sarah that we've seen many times before. The protagonist, because of some reason, doesn't trust the love interest, then due to certain circumstances that put the protagonist in a situation where the interest needs to touch/get close/save them, the trust issues are gone for the moment and they trust each other completely for the time being, until they realize again why they didn't trust the interest in the first place. This is what happens in this novel. Sarah is the protagonist, and Evan is the love interest that she doesn't trust. This novel is sexy and spicy with hot and steamy scenes as well as full throtle action that makes you feverishly turn the pages. The events within the novel went by rather quickly. Like many novels need, we connect with Sarah by learning about the reality of the world in who she is and the things around her. We start to understand and come to terms with the facts as she would and react how she would to all of the incidents she falls into. She is also a very strong person, even though we can react with Sarah to the incidents that happen, we do so in our imagination. So basically, what I'm getting at, is that, if this happens in real life to us, we wouldn't act how we would when we are with Sarah (as her character reading through her) because in actual fact, we might run the opposite way from all the trouble that comes her way and live a very secluded and safe life. Many questions that need to be answered, which I am hoping are in the sequel.