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Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis Yes I must admit that I wasn't sure about reading this book. Mostly because it was the whole set on a space ship and why I thought of some weird things that would happen because it was on a space ship and years into the future. Now after I've read the book I seriously want to shake myself because this was a truly amazing book and I can't believe that I ever doubted reading it. Like most Young Adult books this one was predictable but I was very surprised in the ending! SHOCK-HORROR! (of what Elder did)and the predictable thing was who Elder-died-Elder was, the scar was the most obvious thing to me as well as the way he said things and what he knew as well. However, no matter how predictable some parts of the story was, it had surprising twists that shocked me and made it a great because of the amouts of surprises that we didn't see coming. It was a perfect amount of suspense and shock that left us fulfilled and we weren't left annoyed because of how many occurences in the book that we could or couldn't guess but this is made brilliant by adding both sorts into the mix that in some ways distract us from some parts and make us fill the role of both characters because they are both lost and confused and are trying to learn even when they're so different.

When I look at the cover of this book I thought straight away that there'd be a romance between the two main characters, even the blurb suggests this but there was not much of a relationship between Amy and Elder, and I would have liked more of them (perhaps there developing relationship is for the next book in the series) but there is more of a connection to Harley as well even though we do not see from his side of view in the novel, we have enough from him through Elder and Amy that he is also one of the main characters and we can even see his relationship to Amy and her struggle to adjust as well as to Elder and his need to find out the truth on the Godspeed. Yes I did think that the relationship between Amy and Elder needed to be more than just a kiss in the rain, and that this should have been incorporated in this novel and not to see if it does in the next one or not. There was more of a relationship going on between the Feeders! Yes, I understand that Amy needs to come to terms that she is not on Earth anymore and that what has been in the past is nothing much relevant now (hello! Jason!) but even if she doesn't know what Elder feels because of the Season, there should have been more of a connection betwee them and more on finding the truth about this as well as the truth about the Godspeed and the "Plague". We do get hints of their emotions towards each other (at the start of the book when Elder finds her and at the end as he tells her the truth) but other than that it is a story of discovery of the truth and somewhat of a dictatorship, so I thought the cover should have been different from after reading this book. Don't get me wrong, I adore the cover but it's not relevant towards the main storyline.

I love the fact of how Elder broke apart from the values and rules of the community and found a way to be himself. But then I can see how he was always questioning his individual thoughts or 'the third reason' because of all he has known and grown up to believe, or maybe it could be because of the drug even though it doesn't have affect on him it could a little because would that other drug really get rid of the original clearly? There might still be very small traces left in it even though it is dioluted. I'm surprised also when Amy becomes "empty" that Elder wouldn't think straight to the water as the solution, and finding the link to every other person as well as Amy that time. I figured this one out straight away then the "ice-killings" link, probably because I kept on including Amy in this equation and I might have seen it if I left her out like how Elder said they should see it.

I wish Amy did something about the truth she found out about Jason before she left, by her not doing anything it just makes her seem weak. I know that she knnew that there was going to be no more after that because she was going to be gone and never to see him again but even though she didn't do anything that doesn't matter really but what does matter is how she keeps remembering about Jason and then comparing him to Elder and everything that they did and her life and memories from before about him shouldn't really be as important now, especially about Jason. From this it makes her seem as more of a child than she really is. Yes, she is going through an ordeal that we won't be able to relate to but you would think that she would want to try and get over what happened before she woke up in remembering what happened in the past and with trying to compare every thing and every one to that of her past life.