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Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire Ok, first things first, I love the cover and all but from reading the book I have failed to see how it's relevant with the story...

The main words that are included in novel are:
Yes the book is basically based around these words because they are in evey chapter and nearly every paragraph...

Other than that, this is a beautiful story that made me want to keep turning the page everytime to find out what happens between Aby and Travis' complicated relationship (I was nearly late for work because I wanted to stay and read instead). Half the time I just wanted to shake the girl because she was that caught up in herself trying not to feel anything for Travis that she failed to notice how much he was changing for her and how he does actually love her.

I would have thought that when she was about to leave him when they were in Vegas the first time that he would have nderstood about why she didn't want him to go through with this. At this time it was probably the only time that he only saw as Lucky Thirteen, then he does realise his mistake.

I can't believe that when she was about to say that she wants to get back together with him at his fathers that she didn't say anything because he didn't say the exact words that she wanted him to say so that the only thing that she would've needed to do was to say Yes. Didn't she realise that he only said that he wanted to be friends because it was of her to keep her happy and not because he wanted to exactly but it was also just a way to be close to with without actually being with her. I don't know why she didn't realise this and say so in the first place! Also at the end when she told him that she wanted to get back together with him beforehand I thought that he would've gotten slightly angry and left the room or something to show that it wasn't alright just because he wanted to make it easier for her and more bareable for him just by seeing her.

I thought that there should have been more of a shock to Abby's background and to her contfrontation with Benny. Yes it did end up testing their relationship - to the brink - but there should have been something more, or there should have been more of a shocking twist or something.

Travis so adorable for everything that he does for Abby! SHe is right that he's moving too fast but it's probably overwhelming for him because he has never loved anyone other than his mother before.

Yes, the most we can say about these two is that they are a Beautiful Disaster.